Braille And Colour Makes Sub&Tarctic Accessible

Date - 2021/05/18

Sub&Tarctic Accessible To All

We’re digging the packaging design for Sub&Tartic skincare. The package itself is a stunning gradient of cool blues to deep navies, as if light reflecting into deep ice and waters. This design is slick, cool, and utilizes modern typeface to convey approachable luxury to a younger demographic. The playful and modern way the logo is designed showcases that this isn’t just a product that takes imagery cues from the cool weather, the cool factor is ingrained into the brand’s DNA. The brail elements are inclusive and feel like a move that adds to the overall design, rather than be added as a talking point. 

The purity of the Subantarctic waters and the pristine Southern Alps, provide environments for Sub&Tarctic to wild harvest and source unique natural ingredients for their skincare formulations. Sub&Tarctic approached us to refresh their brand identity and packaging design with ambitions to enter the US and Asian markets. They wanted their brand identity to be contemporary, and packaging to uniquely reflect the purity of their ingredients, have “pop” and colour for shelf presence. Using their name as the key driver behind our design execution, we crafted a design system around an iceberg formation.

The new brand identity is layered, and stacks into a white “iceberg” lock up. It has texture and reflects light by using foiling and embossing in the print finish – simulating light reflections you would see in nature. With a core brand value of inclusivity – we added Braille to make our packaging accessible for the visually impaired. This tactile element…

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Source: The Dieline by Shawn Binder on 9/22/2020