Events within the Event

A 360° legacy event built to offer different facets for multi-sensorial packaging inspiration from all sectors! Expand your senses within the various installations and workshops curated with exclusive product selections that will welcome you behind the show doors.

The “REIMAGINED” 2024 Exploratorium

Tangibility is key when trying to create a memorable consumer experience. Let us help you feel your way through the show. Start at the REIMAGINED 2024 Exploratorium, which will showcase the latest collection of new and upcoming materials, shapes, colors, and textures to hit the market. An impressive snapshot of the packaging newness produced by the 2024 exhibitor roster. Get ready to spark all of your senses and find the inspiration to develop your next breakthrough.

in green Award Ceremony

Unlike ever before, sustainable packaging reigns king as the biggest consumer request and is projected to grow! Inaugurated 10 years ago and now a staple within the LUXE PACK portfolio, 2024 will bring back the return of the awaited annual in-green competition! LUXE PACK will once again formally recognize the excellence in ecological packaging developments and initiatives of the year. Supplementing the award show will be a brand new in green collection display that showcases the dial-turning submissions received this year. See what award-worthy sustainable packaging looks like up close and personal.


When: Thursday, May 9th, 2024

Where: Conference Room


LUXE PACK New York will bring back the sequence dedicated to the world “BEYOND BEAUTY” PACKAGING. As an homage to the thousands of business collaborations between the LUXE PACK New York platform and countless brand and supplier collaborations within the wine and spirits, tech, fine food, fashion, premium beverage, and home products sectors…we proudly are debuting the “Beyond Beauty Lighting Lane” tour. The guided tour will highlight and explore packaging beyond the obvious and facilitate inspiration to find impactful design meaning from ALL luxury sectors. You are invited to join the guided tour that will weave throughout the new impressive show floor to look beyond and come up with your own brand story angles. Don’t miss out. More details will be announced in 2024