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October 27, 2021


A select group of packaging experts will take center stage and demonstrate industry technology advances designed to offer packaging products and services a competitive edge. Meet the experts who specialize in brand protection, smart packaging, and/or digital packaging solutions.

When: Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Where: Conference Area

Presentation 1 – Anti-Counterfeiting – What Brand Owners Need to Know by Avient Corporation
Protect brand equity with anti-counterfeiting protection in plastic packaging.

Globalization, complex supply chains and evolving channels of distribution, such as eCommerce, have made it more difficult than ever to protect the integrity of your brand. Counterfeit products that make it into the hands of consumers result in lost sales, unjustified customer complaints, legal actions and bogus product recalls. Learn how customizable combinations of overt, covert and forensic technologies incorporated into masterbatch solutions can: reduce risk of brand damage, prevent market share erosion and safely expand into new geographies- all while ensuring the safety of consumers.

Theresa PATTON, Senior Marketing Manager for Packaging, Avient Corporation

Presentation 2 – Print Enhancements Bring Appeal to the Shelf

Turning print into an experience at shelf

Print techniques that engage the senses with bling catching the eye using our in line “Colour Foil” and Cast & Cure” print treatments.  Shiny colors and unique patterns draws the consumer to your package.  Using the latest digital enhancement technology printed on a 28 x 40 press sheet, further shelf appeal can be added with a tactile experience that sets the tone for how the consumer perceives your product.

Earl Guinter, Sales Manager

Presentation 3 – Connected Products for Brand Protection: Control Diversion, Reduce Counterfeiting and Engage Consumers

The illicit trade of counterfeit and diverted products wreaks havoc on the global economy, brand reputation, and consumer safety. Most brands today are relying on data to drive decisions but few are applying this intelligence to brand security. Connecting individual products creates digital touch points that interact with consumers far beyond the traditional supply chain sending actionable authentication, user, product and location data back to the brand. This data can inform the strategy across corporate functions, such as brand protection, legal, operations, supply chain and marketing.

Jessica WIRKA, Brand Protection Director, Authentix, North America

Presentation 4 – Next-Level Moving 3D Graphics On Your Package, No New Materials Added by FATHOM OPTICS

Meet the only packaging embellishment company that doesn’t supply new materials. Their mission is to create stunning new packaging experiences using the next generation of sustainable materials and inks used by brands – by bringing moving graphics to the tangible surface of packaging. Their web-based tools allow designers and brands to create bespoke motion graphics in their current design workflow, and our prepress software brings these to life on-press, at the production sites brands know and trust. No special lenses or foils are required.


Presentation 5 – Harry’s Shaves Time and Money by ICScolor

Harry’s Shaves Time and Money off their proofing workflow. Eliminating hard copy proofs has a myriad of benefits for Harry’s – proofs arrive in minutes not days or weeks with more accuracy. Learn how their approval cycle is significantly faster, more cost-effective, errors are reduced and they get their products to market more quickly!

Peter POSSENTI, Image Specialist Harry’s Inc. & Vicki Blake, VP Business Development ICScolor




October 27, 2021

Into the Beyond: Change and Trends to Watch in the Years Ahead

The past year and a half has upended norms, accelerated innovation and given rise to new consumer habits and brand expectations. This session will highlight the most important new consumer behaviors, zeitgeist shifts and innovation, examining why it matters and how brands can leverage what’s to come.


October 27, 2021


Designing for a Sustainable Future – TerraCycle Workshop

Participate in an interactive brainstorm on just how exactly luxury brands should design into circularity/sustainability in the future considering packaging end of life challenges led by the experts of TerraCycle and Loop, THE innovative global leader in “RECYCLING THE UNRECYCLABLE”


October 27, 2021

Opportunity Packaging Futures: The Inclusivity Imperative

User experience drives great packaging and more than ever a great user experience demands cultural inclusion and equitable access. While this is critical at all price points, storytelling and luxury have always been synonymous. Inclusive brand values are being catalyzed into the mainstream – driven by racial justice movements and growing awareness around accessibility. Packaging that celebrates cultural heritage and identity, while considering all needs and abilities, will become a brand imperative.


October 27, 2021

Circular Packaging – Memorable Journey from Unboxing to Consumer Offboarding

Given the concerns over single-use plastics, overconsuming and our environment, what new materials, design strategies and experiences can be used to bring together consumers and producers at the end of the consumer lifecycle for meaningful, ongoing engagement? This presentation looks at both existing packaging alternatives as well as new innovations that are reimagining available resources, production, and business models for multiple sustainable touchpoints – from ingredients to end of life and beyond. A range of cross-industry case studies will highlight how leading as well as emerging brands and manufacturers are positively disrupting their industries by telling stories with new endings that go the distance to truly embrace circularity.


October 27, 2021

Fireside Chat

Packaging “Coopetition” – The New Approach for Tackling Global Problems

Quite often, as an industry, we talk about competition, but we don’t talk much about alliances. “Coopetition”–strategic cooperation among competitors– is driven by the need to go farther, together, and by consumers’ expectations that brands should work for the greater good. From a new nonprofit beauty packaging collective to the open-sourcing of information and technology, we are seeing brands unify to tackle large-scale challenges.  We’ll discuss how these relationships are formed, the impact on the industry, and why we must work hard to lessen our impact on the planet in a fireside chat with Mia Davis, a mission-driven leader.

Be part of the discussion! We will open up the dialogue for full audience participation for a dynamic open forum. 


  • Kelly KOVACK

    - Founder & CEO - BEAUTYMATTER
  • Mia DAVIS

    - VP, Sustainability & Impact at CREDO; Co-Founder at PACT COLLECTIVE

October 27, 2021

in green Award Ceremony

Now a LUXE PACK staple, we will honor this year’s in green winners in the 7th annual in green Award Ceremony.
Unlike ever before, sustainable packaging is the industry’s biggest demand and we are honored to showcase award-worthy sustainable innovation.

Please join us as we honor this year’s winners!
Also, meet this year’s judging panel.

Shannon GOLDBERG, Chief Zero Waste Officer, IZZY ZERO WASTE BEAUTY          


Lauren GOLIK, Senior Director of Packaging Design, FORMA BRANDS

Jess ABRAMS, Executive Director, Product Development, SHISEIDO


October 28, 2021

Blockchain and Packaging: Decentralization, Transparency, and a Changing Supply Chain

Don’t worry, we’re not hocking the latest cryptocurrency! Normally, the People of Packaging discussions tend to focus on innovations in sustainability and stories of packaging people. This time, we’re shifting gears a little and pulling back the curtain on supply chain and consumer experiences to explore a looming industry shakeup—namely, blockchain.


  • Adam PEEK

    - Founder and Host - PEOPLE OF PACKAGING PODCAST

October 28, 2021


Vision for Driving Change – Keynote by Tom SZAKY

Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, industry thought leader and innovator in sustainability solutions, will share how companies large and small can drive change, his vision for TerraCycle and Loop, and how retailers, brands and consumers are reacting, pushing and adopting as they transition from linear to circular solutions.


October 28, 2021

Round Table

Climate-Positive Beauty

Zero waste, plastic-neutral, carbon-neutral: these are beauty’s new buzzwords. It’s no surprise, then, that brands, retailers and suppliers are adopting a wider array of tools to generate net zero — or even net negative — waste. From packaging to ingredients to manufacturing, this session will explore the array of possibilities driving beauty’s sustainable future. Leaders from brands and the supply chain will offer real-world insights into what it takes to reduce or even neutralize the impacts of the industry.


October 28, 2021

Round Table

UNPACK Roundtable Presented by RETAILBOSS – The Future of Smart Packaging

As customers become increasingly digital-savvy shopper, let’s discuss best smart technologies to consider to drive in-store and online purchases, topics covered include advancements in AI-driven technology, QRcodes, Sensor Technology, Apps and more.

The roundtable discussion will bring together industry leaders to discuss emerging technologies within the packaging industry

Moderated by Jeanel ALVARADO, Founder of RETAILBOSS



October 28, 2021

What if Your Logo was No Longer Visible?

When smell is used as a design element, it has the power to heighten the perceived quality of a product or service and form lasting emotional bonds. Hear how brands can further tap into emotions and accompany consumers more intimately on their journeys in the future?


October 28, 2021

Round Table

When Attraction is Natural

An expert discussion of the power of biomimicry to attract new customers and help existing brand fans understand your brand’s commitment to sustainability. Attendees will learn how to tap into humankind’s innate understanding of nature and attraction to natural materials to effectively communicate brand ideals within their packaging and create a unique position in its marketplace.

Moderated by Birnur Aral, Ph.D., Good Housekeeping Institute — Director, Health, Beauty & Environmental Sciences Lab


  • Birnur ARAL, PH.D.

    - Director, Health, Beauty & Environmental Sciences Lab - GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE
  • Julie GIBLI

    - Vice President of Account Management and New Business Develpment - SGB