Material Driven Workshop and Exhibition


LUXE PACK is excited to offer a not to be missed interactive workshop series led by Material Driven:

Serving as the interface between makers and manufacturers of innovative, sustainable materials and their strategic applications.


Workshop 1: Morning Session

Materializing the Senses

How can cutting edge, tactile and unconventional materials handpicked for packaging help deliver a sensory, elevated experience? Which luxurious, high-performing, yet beautifully crafted materials can provide the sensations of awe, curiosity, connectedness, and comfort, among others? The hands-on workshop will dive into a world of advanced, diverse materials that are ripe for packaging design while building individual sensory palettes and analyzing mystery materials.

Workshop 2: Afternoon Session

Break it Down: Sustainability

From compostable and biodegradable materials to those with lower carbon, energy, and water footprints, to bio-based and recyclable solutions—materials offer the most tangible pathway to sustainability for products and their packaging. Decoding and demystification is essential though, to navigate today’s ‘sustainable material choices’. With a library of innovative physical samples to aid and inspire them, attendees will break down concepts, develop their own sustainability criteria and labeling system, and visualize their dream packaging solutions with materials at hand.

The full series will be led by: Purva Chawla, Founder, and Partner at MaterialDriven

The workshops will be open to all attendees on a first come first serve basis.

Day 1: Morning Session 11:00 am / Afternoon Session 2:30 pm

Day 2: Morning Session 11:00 am / Afternoon Session 1:00 pm