Talsam smart jewelry has even smarter packaging

Date - 2021/02/10

Talsam provides smart jewelry

In a world of smart phones, tablets, and self-driving cars, the only thing missing besides hover boards was smart jewelry. We’ve all seen the rise of wearable technology in the form of watches. But for those looking to feel connected to loved ones while still maintaining an elegant look, Talsam provides smart jewelry. In order to ensure the packaging and branding were as elegant and sleek as the technology within the box, Talsam collaborated with Leadoff Studio.

Customer experience was the first priority as Leadoff created a packaging design that could deliver the product, then be used continually as a jewelry box and tray for years to come.

In the design process, Talsam’s packaging was considered a stand-alone product that should add value to the user experience beyond its initial unboxing. To create a long-lasting design, Leadoff Studio drew inspiration from how people typically store, maintain, and accessorize their jewelry. 

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Source: The Dieline by Shawn Binder on 02/08/21