Champagne Cattier’s Valentine’s Day coffret

Date - 2021/02/02

Champagne Cattier’s Valentine’s Day coffret blends wood and leather

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Champagne Cattier called on designer Virginie Wiertz to create a handmade champagne coffret with customizable coasters in recycled leather.

Brittany-based designer Virginie Wiertz was given carte blanche for family-owned brand Champagne Cattier’s Valentine’s Day coffret. Dubbed La Romantic, the coffret is painted by hand and decorated using calligraphy. It houses a bottle of Brut Rosé Premier Cru and six coasters.

Wiertz’s materials of choice for this project were wood and recycled leather. The base is in natural oak, while the body of the coffret is in light grey recycled leather — offcuts from the shoe and leather-goods industry that are ground, mixed with latex and a plant-based dye, and marked with a grain. The coffret closes with a strap and metallic button…


Source: LUXE PACKAGING INSIGHT by Katie Nicol on 2/02/01