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July 14 -15, 2021

Biography Aida RODRIGUEZ

Environnemental Manager, VIROSPACK


Born in Barcelona in 1994, Aida Rodriguez is the Environmental Manager in VIROSPACK SLU. since 2016. Among her achievements, it stands out the Implementation and Certification ISO 14001: 15. Today, the biggest of its challenges to date is the incorporation of the Circular Economy concept in all the company's production processes. As her responsibilities, they highlight the search for new materials and processes in order to ensure continuous improvement in the Sustainability field - reducing waste and air pollution, improving the company's energy efficiency and promoting ecodesign and optimization of resources- .

Graduated in ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES by the University of Girona - Specializing in Advanced Technology and Environmental Restoration module-, Aida is totally committed to sustainability. Her environmental awareness and her respect for our planet and the generation of zero waste goes beyond her work, is her way of life. A passion that she transmits every day to all employees of Virospack, increasingly their committed to the environment inside and outside the company.

Awarded in 2010 with the SPECIAL PRIZE OF THE SUPERIOR COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH (CSIC) and with the second prize 'Asociacia premládez, vedu a tecnuku AMAVET "in the INTERNACIONAL SCIENTIFIC EXPO of BRATISLAVA, for her research work in the USE OF RAIN WATERS and the project: “Qualitative and quantitative study of water filtered throught a permeable pavement”. It is an efficacy study that was also presented in an entitled conference in Salamanca, Spain, by the Institute of Scientific and Ecological Research. A proyect which was awarded again in 2011 in Barcelona by EIDEA, in the Concurso pel Foment de la Recerca.