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May 15-16, 2019

Biography Anne Nelson SANFORD

Anne Nelson SANFORD
Anne Nelson SANFORD,


Anne Nelson Sanford is a perfumer, designer and creative director with a background
in beauty marketing, branding and design. She is the founder of LURK perfumes and is
the nose behind the brand. Sanford lives and works in Brooklyn with her 8 year old son.
LURK was started as a passion project in 2008 and officially launched in 2012. The
company creates luxury natural perfumes that are sophisticated & complex with a
commitment to sustainable sourcing, production and packaging. The brand blends
innovation with tradition, bringing production methods and natural perfumery to a new
level of purity and excellence. LURK was developed to upend preconceived notions
about green luxury; to demonstrate that sustainable fragrance is not the wave of the
future but the new standard.
Sanford’s professional background is in beauty marketing, branding/sales, as well as
product development and design. She has been nominated three times for the Fashion
Group International’s Rising Star Awards as Entrepreneur of the Year and was a finalist
in 2014. In May of 2014, she also opened LURKshop, the first organic beauty boutique
in the Hamptons as an extension of the brand and a flagship to showcase her perfumes.
Within 5 months of opening, LURKshop was named one of the top green beauty
boutiques in North America by Well+Good Everywhere. She also created a green body
care line for Anthropologie that launched internationally in 2011 and was sold in stores
through the end of 2013. Additionally, she is a certified natural perfumer and a member
of the Natural Perfumers Guild.
In 2017, Sanford closed her brick and mortar beauty boutique in the Hamptons and
moved back to NYC full time to focus on her perfumery, design business and being a
LURK was created by Perfumer, Founder and Creative Director, Anne Nelson Sanford in September
2012. Driven by the desire to develop a luxury perfume unique to the market, LURK was born as a series
of fragrances that are complex, beautiful and made solely from authentic, natural essences and not their
synthetic counterparts. Each of the fragrances are hand-blended in the LURK studio in Brooklyn. These
pure blends are sustainably sourced from exquisite oils, resins and absolutes, and in doing this, LURK
has created something extraordinary and modern. Discover more at lurkmade.com.