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July 14 -15, 2021

Biography Stephen LETOURNEAU

Chief Brand Officer, CANNUKA


Stephen is leading the charge by directing Sanna Mundi’s Global Cannabis Brand Portfolio.  Responsible for the ideation, creation and development of brand ethos, product development and leading the strategy surrounding the launching of and growth of the individual product lines.  Aside from merchandising for brands like RH, JCrew and Kate Spade, his background in both Human Resources and Operations gives him the ability to connect and lead the right people for the growth of the brand; while maintaining an intimate knowledge of supply chain logistics to hit these targets on time.  Excited for the opportunity to take this passion across multiple categories and build the first legitimate Cannabis lifestyle brand with product lines acutely focused on the Canna Curious discerning luxury Wellness consumer.  


As a thought leader in the space the Stephen has spoken at both intimate gatherings for press as well as with C Suite panels to discuss the global cannabis trend and how the different international market will embrace and amplify the space.  Looking at each product with a focus on unique end user experience then reverse engineering that moment of engagement back down to the ideation that will fill that need.


This new and emerging market is looking for leadership that isn't focused on the current landscape but for people that are looking towards what's happening 3-5-10 years from now and setting the foundation for a brands that will exceed those needs.


Stephen is an avid endurance athlete having completed 4x 70.3 Half Ironman, and a combined total of more then 35 Full + Half marathons.  His primary joys are traveling and spending time with his family and being the best uncle and godfather.


"I find the harder I work, the 'luckier I am"

"get the work done"