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SEPTEMBER 15 - 16, 2020

Biography Miranda Gordon

Miranda Gordon
Miranda Gordon,
Vice President of Marketing, MANE FRAGRANCES



Miranda’s favorite thing is perfume and her second favorite thing is talking about perfume, and her third favorite thing is learning more about perfume.  She is the curator of New York’s MANE Gallery, a series of olfactive installations designed to explore specific challenges facing the fragrance industry and to propose immediate, actionable business solutions. She holds a degree in Classical Archaeology from Princeton, but that seems like a really long time ago. Her Latin is terrible, but it’s better than her Greek. She speaks French, Italian and Spanish, but mostly French, and mostly in France. She holds an MBA in either International Marketing or Luxury Marketing from Columbia. She loves art history and mythology and children’s literature, and is constantly seeking ways to justify her curiosity by finding ways to link ideas to fragrance development. A passionate but largely unsuccessful city gardener, she is currently VP Marketing, Fine Fragrance, at MANE in New York City. Her previous work experience includes marketing roles at Firmenich, Givaudan and Avon.