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July 14 -15, 2021

Biography Rui PEREIRA

Creative Technologist, GOOGLE


Rui Pereira is a Portuguese technologist, designer and educator based in NY. Passioned about people and technology Rui spends his time finding novel an unexpected ways to create interactive experiences that are expressive and delightful. Rui has worked as an Interaction Design consultant for IDEO, collaborated in low-cost open source eye-tracking devices and researched, designed and developed interactive experiences for brands like Coca-Cola, Heineken, HBO, Procter and Gamble among others. In other layers of this universe Rui has also created interactive sets for theater and developed live visuals interfaces to make shiny live graphics for music a little bit all over the world. Currently, Rui is a Creative Technologist at Google where he collaborates with brands to create innovative and unexpected branded experiences using Google’s insights and technology.

Rui also teaches Magic Windows and Mixed-Up Realities: a course on thinking, sketching and designing Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences at ITP - a center for the recently possible at New York University and loves cooking and riding bikes with his family.