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May 15-16, 2019

  • Conference
    from 11:00 am
    to 12:00 pm

    Environment of Change: Re-Engaging with Luxury and Exploring the Future of Packaging”

    As seemingly every other industry is disrupted through digital methods, new ways of making and consumer’s demands, the luxury industry and its packaging needs to completely rethink what has worked in the past if it is to remain relevant in the future. Packaging remains a key touchpoint and, as such, is a perfect place to offer its audience a way re-engage with luxury that understands this environment of change. Join Material ConneXion’s Dr. Andrew Dent as he considers this future with a panel of experts in the world of design and materials, and asks them to imagine what it might look like, what will be important, and how it should be packaged.

    • Moderated by Andrew DENT - Executive Vice President, Research, MATERIAL CONNEXION
    • Hlynur V. Atlason - FOUNDER - ATLASON Studio
    • Michael Robinson - Director of Open Innovation, Packaging Innovation - L’Oréal Americas
    • Lance McGregor - Creative Director - McGregor & McGregor
  • Conference
    from 12:30 pm
    to 01:30 pm

    Beauty's Fast Future: The New Reality of Product and Packaging Development

    The rise of indie brands, consumers' desire for newness and the insatiable appetites of e-commerce have made speed to market more critical than ever. This panel of packaging, product development, and brand marketing experts will discuss the implications of today's fast-moving market, including shrinking product development timelines, shifts in manufacturing infrastructure and the rise of turnkey innovation.

    • Moderated by Jeb GLEASON - Editor-in-Chief, GCI
    • Sheherazade Chamlou - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, VERESCENCE
    • Jessica Abrams - Director of Product Development - Global Makeup Center of Excellence at Shiseido
    • Nathalie MACKEY - FOUNDER - Winky Lux
  • Masterclass
    from 02:00 pm
    to 02:45 pm

    The Aura of Luxury (keynote)

    In this presentation, Dr. Bryce Rutter will discuss going beyond superficial aesthetics of a product's design to measure and calibrate the visual and haptic signatures that generate pleasurable and rich emotional connections for the customer. These qualities should be systematically studied to define a palette of design cues and characteristics to convey the complete, robust luxury brand experience, grounded in research and science. By analyzing the sensory signatures that identify “luxury” for a specific target, where signatures for luxury are often generationally distinct, and incorporating them into the experience of the packaging, the signatures are by extension incorporated into the luxury experience of the brand—for a seamless luxury brand experience from product and packaging.

  • Workshop
    from 03:30 pm
    to 04:30 pm

    Synesthesia and the Visceral Language of Scent

    From Pharrell to Kanye, from Van Gogh to David Hockney … synesthesia is the buzz word for the newest creative brand collaborations and products. The idea is that synesthetic design informs branding for greater holistic product creation and brand experience. But what is synesthesia? This workshop, lead by synesthete and olfactive expert Dawn Goldworm of 12.29, will explain synesthesia in branding today and how companies from Nike to Cadillac to Valentino are using synesthesia as a guide for olfactive brand development.

    • Dawn GOLDWORM - Co-founder and Creative Director, 12.29