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May 15-16, 2019








 The 2019 Conference program will be announed in early April.

  (Please see the 2018 program below)


  • Conference
    from 09:30 am
    to 09:50 am

    Strategic, Equity-Building Packaging Design & Development

    As tastes become more sophisticated and consumers shop more selectively, the global packaging market continues to grow with complexity. With so many moving parts and variables, the need for an all-inclusive design & development lifespan path is essential. With countless structural and graphic iterations, delays, approvals and demanding deadlines, it’s critical to have a seamless overview of your creative workflow.

    Introducing, VIVALDI, a Global Enterprise Packaging Platform to deliver strategic, equity-building value-added packaging, gift boxes, and related brandware on schedule, on budget, and with maximum impact at market. VIVALDI’s Progressive Development is the neoteric, path to optimal, accelerated packaging execution.

    • Rachel Samaroo - Director of Design & Innovation - IBC SHELL
  • Conference
    from 10:00 am
    to 10:45 am

    Design Directions: Key trends for A/W (Autumn/Winter) 19/20

    What does the future hold for product design, and how do you take inspiration from one industry and apply it to another? Stylus reveals the three biggest design trends for A/W 19/20 and how these can be implemented across sectors. The session outlines key visual guidelines and innovations for the season, using case studies from architecture andfashion to consumer electronics and furniture.

    For each of the three directions, you’ll hear about:
    • The influential projects and products that inspire the trend
    • How to engage with consumers through innovative packaging and design
    • The latest colors, materials and finishes that make your product stand out

    • Dewi Pinatih - Senior Editor – Product Design - STYLUS
    Design Directions: Key trends for A/W (Autumn/Winter) 19/20
  • Conference
    from 11:00 am
    to 12:00 pm

    How Luxury Brands Embrace the Millennial Mindset®: Affluent Millennials are influencing luxury culture in the U.S.

    Hyper-connected and content-consuming, Millennials are listening to their peers and gathering product reviews, rather than responding to traditional forms of marketing. Flavor innovations and Insta-worthy packaging is catching their attention and dollars. Millennial influence extends past their own generation to impact Gen X and Baby Boomers. Brands that grasp the values of affluent Millennials and can capitalize on their influence won’t find themselves left behind in the noise of digital, retail and experiential competition.

    Jeff and Joe’s provocative and entertaining presentation will challenge participants to unlearn and reimagine what they thought they knew about modern consumers and innovation.


    This session will explore:
    1. The financial impact of Millennial influence: The Millennial Mindset®
    2. What is driving Brand Love®
    3. How CPE packaging influences brand beliefs
    4. The Five Steps to Becoming a “Cult” Brand

    • Jeff FROMM - Marketing Strategist: Millenial Marketing for Packaging, President, FUTURECAST
    • Brendan Shaughnessy - Barkley Stragegist
  • Conference
    from 12:30 pm
    to 01:30 pm

    Influencer Marketing for Packaging

    Packaging catches the eye of the consumer in the make-up aisle and also on Instagram, so you need to cater to both! With influencer marketing you can activate an influencer squad that promotes you tirelessly on social. We'll go over strategies, tactics, and measurement for creating the perfect influencer marketing campaign. We'll also have a panel of influencers that will discuss their take on how Instagram is evolving and best practices for brands that want to work with them. Learn how to take your brand ambassador strategy to the next level and create long term value for your brand.

    • Moderated by Mae KARWOWSKI - Founder & CEO, OBVIOUS.LY
    • Opal STEWART - Blogger/brand ambassador
    • Liz BESANSON - Blogger/brand ambassador
    • Suzanne SPIEGOSKI - Blogger/brand ambassador
  • Conference
    from 02:00 pm
    to 03:30 pm


    Sense of Self, Sense of Worth, Sense of Time and Sense of Beauty. These are the "Other' four Senses.
    How we create, distill, market and package these ephemeral senses is our topic today.
    The cosmetics industry is constantly developing new make-up, skincare and fragrance products that play to these sensibilities. Packaging them is the challenge. The panel will discuss the psychology of these senses and how we can understand the generational differences in how men and women are affected but them. How we can create and market new products that will appeal directly to these senses and finally, how we can package them in innovative ways that will underscore these emotional touch points

    • Moderated by Marc ROSEN - President, MARC ROSEN ASSOCIATES
    • Debbie MILLMAN - Designer, Author, Educator, Podcaster, GOOGLE
    • Miranda Gordon - Vice President of Marketing, MANE FRAGRANCES
    • Clyde McKendrick - Chief Strategy Officer, SPARKS & HONEY
    • Helen Murphy - VP of Fragrance, ESTEE LAUDER
  • Conference
    from 04:00 pm
    to 05:00 pm

    Meeting the New Demand for Sustainable Packaging

    Beauty Packaging panel features the latest perspectives from a sustainability expert, a packaging supplier and a brand.

    After years of sustainable packaging initiatives simmering on the back burner, consumer demand is heating up the action—and suppliers and brands are serving up solutions. The global move toward recycling plastics, Millennial and Gen-Z consumers’ regard for the environment, and Indie brands’ focus on “naturals” are a few of the motivating factors. Here, we’ll hear from a sustainability expert, a packaging supplier and a brand on a number of approaches targeted to address this complex issue, as well as findings from the first Global Consumer Packaging Sustainability Index. Please join moderator Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief, Beauty Packaging, in a timely discussion with panelists Peter Malmqvist, BillerudKorsnäs, Marketing Director for the Americas; Anne Nelson Sanford, Founder, Lurk Beauty; and Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni, Founder and President, KoolEarth Solutions Inc.

    • Moderated by Jamie MATUSOW - Editor-in-Chief, BEAUTY PACKAGING
    • Anne Nelson SANFORD - Founder, LURK BEAUTY
    • Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni - Founder & President, KoolEarth Solutions Inc.
    • Peter Malmqvist - Marketing Director - BillerudKorsnäs
  • Conference
    05:15 pm




    THE FUTURE OF SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING LUXE PACK NEW YORK does not let packaging developments go to waste! LUXE PACK will honor 2 exhibitors for this year’s most “green” product or initiative. The winners will be selected by an elite jury of industry experts on Wednesday, May 10th at 5:15PM.

    • Jamie MATUSOW - Editor-in-Chief, BEAUTY PACKAGING
    • Anne Nelson SANFORD - Founder, LURK BEAUTY
    • Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni - Founder & President, KoolEarth Solutions Inc.
    • Erica Hillmann - Director of Creative Services, tarte: high-performance naturals™
    • Anne Bracey - Senior Director, Creative, CLARINS USA