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SEPTEMBER 15 - 16, 2020



    Curious MATTER

    These cutting-edge papers are brought together under the brand new Curious Collection range: CURIOUS MATTER, with 7 vivid colors and 4 grammages. Intrigue the senses, see them with your eyes and admire them with your hands.

    Curious MATTER, consistently ultra-pigmented, has a full palette of neutral and vivid colors and ultra-matte surface. Spectacular print results offering stunning contrasts whatever the technique: Offset Silkscreen Embossing Hot stamping Superb packaging possibilities: folding, scoring, amination, boxes and folding cartons.


  • Avanté (Shanghai) Covering Materials Co., Ltd

    AVANTÉ Decorative Covering Materials

    The AVANTÉ Decorative Covering Materials also contributes to the environment protection and reduction of pollutions. All the materials purchase the FSC pure & mixed pulp and bleach the pulp with TCF (total chlorine-free) and environment-friendly paints, which can enhance the efficiency of manufacturing and reducing the use of the nature materials.

    On the other hand, the Paper Boutique meets the standards of ISO14001 & ISO9001 during the production with strict quality checks and environmental management guarantees. All the materials can be biologically degraded and it is truly accomplish the concept of green sustainability to protect our hometown forever.  


    Avanté (Shanghai) Covering Materials Co., Ltd
  • K K Plastic Factory Ltd.

    Glass alike PETG thick wall bottle

    Upon great devote to the mold development and molding process adjustment, KKP PETG thick wall package is so excellent on its glass alike crystal clearance, colorful, high glossiness, good impact force resistance and easily molding as inject or extrude blowing to various shape of bottle and jar, very good chemical resistance, and suitable for all kinds of cosmetic packages.


    K K Plastic Factory Ltd.
  • K K Plastic Factory Ltd.

    PE soft touch bottle + wood effect cap

    This series bottles are made mainly in HDPE resin, which is recyclable and biodegradable. The bottle surface is admired for its velvety softness, which is made in PP adflex soft touch material with special blowing process. It has excellent smooth feeling, soft color and elegance.

    The wood effect cap is the highlight of this series packages. Wood effect is very popular in people life with its natural and simple. But undeniably, just for this natural and simple, people lose forest. The series wood effect caps are injected in PP raw material, and decorated with special process. The molded caps decorated with wood texture and touching feeling, made in biodegradable material, which let people enjoy the pleasant effect, and maintain the green environment at the mean time.


    K K Plastic Factory Ltd.
  • Dongguan Mingfeng Packaging Manufacturer Co., Ltd

    Degradable watch Box

    Regarding the creativity, we use PLA (degradable plastic) and RMP (environmental protection stone paper) to make the box. PLA is a kind of real environmental protection green material which is decomposable, recyclable, renewable, with no toxic substances after incineration, degradable after composting 5 years. RMP can be degraded into stone powder and blending into nature when irradiated by light for 3 months, no pollution of the environment. Promoting to use PLA and RMP to replace traditional material which will keep the functional and aesthetics constant, at the same time, will avoid ecological destruction caused by wooden packing box pollution, high energy consumption, and cutting down trees! There is a breakthrough meaning for the protection of nature by Biodegradable watch box promotion.



    Dongguan Mingfeng Packaging Manufacturer Co., Ltd
  • Dongguan Mingfeng Packaging Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

    Bamboo luminescent watch box

    Regarding the material selection, using bamboo instead of solid wood could protect the nature. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that can be used after 3-5 years’ growing. Water and electricity consumption for processing bamboo is only 1/3 compared to wood. It’s effective for energy conservation. Bamboo products can be freely degradable under natural conditions without secondary pollution.

    Regarding the design, finger bit of curve design, ingenious use of lenses, concise and unique products could maximize resource conservation.

    Regarding the creation, adopting luminescent technology brightens the top space. The controlled round playing light could help to focus on the exhibiting product to present the dynamic fashion.

    It is a good environmentally friendly idea to use 0.3MM ultra-thin Electro Luminescent instead of the traditional lighting, which could achieve energy-saving, environmental protection, no radiation, and zero pollution to the nature.


    Dongguan Mingfeng Packaging Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
  • Papillon Ribbon & Bow

    Recycle Ribbon

    using recycle yarn from distilled water or mineral water bottle to make ribbon.


    Papillon Ribbon & Bow
  • ZRP Printing Group Ltd.

    One-piece Structure Design Box

    1. Structure

    Molded by only one piece of paper to realize material saving;

    ONE-PIECE structure design, not only increase the convenience of product packaging, but also the flexibility in product display, and create a friendly consumer experience.

    1. Material:

    The used Kraft paper and corrugated paper breaks the traditional union between rigid box and grey board contributes the advantages of lightweight foldable in delivering.

    On the other hand, the unique texture of Kraft paper expresses impressive experiences both in toughing and vision.

    1. Finishing

    Laser cut, provides delicate and exquisite pattern style, and delivers brands value.

    Spot hot foil, brings magnificent color effect without ink.


    ZRP Printing Group Ltd.