“Clean up the Greenwash” Bootcamp w/ Pact

Our industry has a packaging design disconnect, and you could be greenwashing your packaging claims without even realizing it. Sustainable packaging claims are important to communicate to our partners and customers, but they need to be accurate as well as impactful.  

Join Pact’s Clean up the Greenwash Bootcamp workshops to learn how we can make more informed decisions about the packaging we use and how we talk about them. 

Clean up the Greenwash Bootcamp Workshop Series
(All sessions will take place in the Greenwash Bootcamp – – Booth # B46 –See Floor Plan) 

Part 1 – Morning Session – Clean up the Greenwash 

May 10th and May 11th 10:00 am  

This session will provide an overview of Pact’s mission to unite the industry to solve our packaging problem, as a community. bout the end-of-life misconceptions of common beauty packaging, how to more informed decisions about the packaging we use, and how we can be as transparent as possible about our packaging sustainability claims.  

Led by Carly Snider, Pact’s Program Director 

Part 2 – Afternoon Session – Pact Member Case Study with Ulta Beauty 

Wednesday, May 10th 1pm  

Ulta Beauty’s Senior Director of Sustainability Strategy  will walk through their recently piloted in store collection program and how the industry leader is using the program to support their larger sustainability journey. 

Led by Ame Igharo, Senior Director Sustainability Strategy, Ulta Beauty.

Part 2 – Afternoon Session Case Study with Bluebird Climate Because Every Brand Can Be Sustainable and Every Product Can Be Carbon Negative 

Thursday, May 11th 1pm   

Learn how It doesn’t have to be really complicated or break the bank to understand how to improve, and brands should feel confident telling their sustainability story. This session will highlight Bluebird Climate and their platform to help companies identify the end-of-life reality of their packaging. Bluebird will share tools to support companies in making more informed packaging selections and claims when it comes to sustainability. 

Led by Jamie MCCROSKERY, CEO of Bluebird Climate.

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