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Non classé - Pioneer Interview - 2023/02/24

LUXE PACK New York 20th Anniversary Pioneers

We are thrilled to be showcasing a very exclusive group of exhibitors who have been part of the 20 year LUXE PACK New York lineage. We are honored to have them continue be part of the invaluable industry legacy that solidifies them as long running industry packaging players. We would like to introduce them to you individually and therefore welcome you to hone on the special editorial content developed to showcase their own industry legacy and how they plan to continue to contribute to the industry’s next 20.

Articles written by Jean-Yves Bourgeois, co-founder, LUXE PACK & Founder of Formes de Luxe Magazine.

Probably one of the most loyal exhibitors of the various Luxe Packs held worldwide, in just a decade, Dapy has completely reversed the trend in its business segment from all plastic to a multi-material offer. The motto of this French company is ‘Innovation, quality, service, and excellence!’. Interview with Pierre-Yves Azuelos, CEO.  

Question: A story that started in 1980, and an impeccable track record that has increased your turnover by 250% in recent years!

Pierre-Yves Azuelos: That’s right! Since the beginning of this story, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to innovate, adapt, and transform the luxury packaging and display industry. We have a very broad customer base: from small corner shops to global designers and producers in all areas of packaging and POS. We work with the most prestigious designers to improve their customer experience and increase brand value.

Of course, progress has been in stages. At first, we had one supplier in France and we mainly made clear acrylic boxes for fashion companies. Three years later, the perfume and cosmetics industry took an interest in our products. In 2005, 95% of our turnover was made from plastic products, but with other plastics, such as PMMA, Copolymers, and Tritan. In 2006, the wine and spirits sector also took an interest in what we could offer. Today, this sector is our primary outlet and represents almost half of our business.

We were also among the first to relocate to Asia in 1992 and we are now among the first to set up production close to European, Asian, and North American markets.

Always a step ahead!  

Question: From clear plastic to plastic in general and then to cardboard, wood, and metal, was there a real strategic shift in 2010?

Pierre-Yves Azuelos: This desire to diversify our services and materials has long been a goal of ours. We were way ahead of the game in this regard. This strategy has obviously led us to find new sources in sectors, such as cardboard, wood, and metal. Regarding plastic, we also initiated our first investigations into finding and developing packaging made from recyclable materials around ten years ago.

It is important to understand that we produce products that are customised and tailored to customer specifications and market needs. Thanks to our extensive expertise in manufacturing processes and use of materials, we can respond to any briefing. Every production is subject to numerous quality controls, and our production sites are regularly audited by the largest stakeholders in the luxury industry.

Question: How many suppliers do you work with?

Pierre-Yves Azuelos: They are not suppliers but exclusive partners. We never wanted to trade so these factories work exclusively for us. Whether in plastics or cardboard processing, they are located either in China or Taiwan as well as, more recently, in Europe and the USA. We have been offering a production of assembled boxes and cases in Lithuania for six months, and, a year ago, we also contracted two suppliers in the USA specialising in the manufacture of assembled boxes and multi-material packaging.

The most important thing is service. This is also why our customers are loyal to us. Speed of production of a prototype, compliance with delivery dates, quality of service and follow-up of operations, impeccable after-sales service, etc, there are no secrets!

Question: Of course, the environment is an essential aspect today!

Pierre-Yves Azuelos: You mean ‘vital’!

The entirety of a project can only be considered from a sustainable perspective, from design to production, delivery and up to the end of the product life cycle. We pay special attention to designing adaptable and deconstructable products, purchasing the right materials, reducing waste and energy consumption in our production processes and facilities, using reusable and FSC packaging, and reducing our carbon footprint at every stage.

We strive to only use premium and recycled or recyclable materials from sustainable sources.

We work closely with our customers to optimise product design for second life and proper recycling based on existing channels and processes in the destination country.

We design our battery-powered systems to be rechargeable and easy to dismantle for better recycling.

We optimise product packaging and freight logistics to minimise our carbon footprint during transport.

We only use environmentally-friendly surface treatments with the implementation of industrial recovery.

We continuously invest in our facilities to reduce energy consumption, from administration to manufacturing.

Finally, we are constantly investing and looking for biomaterial alternatives to use for a greener future.


Question: Please name the most recent products you think are the most important in your offering.

Pierre-Yves Azuelos: I can cite Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria dummy, which faithfully reproduces Guerlain’s new fragrance in every detail, as well as the Montblanc Signature fragrance display with removable back base for transport savings and easy recycling. Another design of note is the Palma ice bucket and its standard bucket which is made from recyclable or (new) compostable materials.

The new-generation illuminated labels for Perrier-Jouët X Label is a great success for the nightlife segment. They are rechargeable and reusable to better protect our planet.

Another example is the Ritz Carlton Mooncake box made from FSC cardboard for the Asian market and the Moon Festival. Finally, the most noteworthy is

VETA+ Paper pulp, packaging entirely made from new-generation compostable, biodegradable, and dyeable cellulose pulp.

Question: A ‘Luxe Pack’ trade show regular…  

Pierre-Yves Azuelos: Why change a winning team? Every year we exhibit at Luxe Pack Monaco, Luxe Pack New York, and Luxe Pack Los Angeles. And we are thrilled to be one of the most loyal companies in New York this year to celebrate the event’s 20th anniversary.

MONTBLANC_Display Parfum Signature
RITZ CARLTON Mooncake box
GUERLAIN Aqua Allegoria factice
VETA+ Paper pulp
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