LUXE PACK in Green New York 2022 Winners

Date - 2022/06/28

After another year of record-breaking submissions (54 between both categories. Luxe Pack was thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s in Green awards recognizing sustainable products and corporate initiatives which were unveiled on day 1 of LUXE PACK New York. Positive Luxury Co-founder Diana Verde Nieto hosted the awards, which were sponsored by Hunter Luxury, the designer and creator of the trophy.

Best Sustainable Product/Solution Design
The nominees:

Tubex, for the Ren Clean Skincare Radiance Overnight Glow Dark Spot Sleeping Cream. This 5ml sample pack uses the supplier’s recycled aluminum monotube. The aluminum tip is designed to be broken off to reseal the pack.

Rissmann, for the Round Box Collection “Floralis a Matter of the Heart”. The cylindrical box is made of paper that is 50% fresh fibers and 50% recycled content and decorated with touches of gold hot-stamping. Inside, the fitment is now in molded pulp rather than plastic. The pack is designed to be kept and repurposed – as a pencil holder for example.

Neenah, with its Environment Mailer. Made with 50% recycled fibers, the mailer has a patent-pending proprietary coating designed to make it water- and puncture-resistant.

Knoll Printing & Packaging for its 100% Knoll Ecoform molded pulp champagne pouch, designed to hold a Champagne bottle and two glasses. Knoll Ecoform molded pulp is made of bamboo and sugarcane fibers. Recyclable and biodegradable, the pack can be embossed, debossed or color-matched to a brand’s specifications.

And the winner is…Tubex

Best CSR Initiative
Knoll Printing & Packaging was also nominated in the CSR category, for its Knoll Social Responsibility (KSR) program that encompasses not only the supplier’s own operations, but also those of its supply chain and its customers. KSR includes developing sustainable products, improving policies and operations, suppliers and customer management.

Verescence for the launch of its Infinite Glass 20. Made with 20% PCR glass, the grade has been formulated with a tint that meets the needs of luxury brands’ aesthetics.

Ecological Fibers, for the 20 million Project. Through the use of its new EcoPrint 7 covering material for book jackets that is an alternative to film lamination (a first in the book publishing industry, the supplier says), Ecological Fibers is aiming to remove 20 million sq feet of plastic – it is currently at 3.5 million sq feet.

And the winner is… Verescence

The awards trophy was designed and created by sponsor Hunter Luxury. The trophy is made of various materials – RPET silk, expanded cork, ocean plastic fabric, reclaimed cherry wood – that were mainly surplus materials from its packaging production.