Plus is a Waste-Free Body Wash That Comes In Dissolvable Packaging

Date - 2021/04/15

Imagine you could eliminate all the plastic bottles in your shower. Yes, the clutter takes up space, but it’s also indicative of the waste created by physical products. While the beauty industry has made great strides in creating more eco-friendly formulas and packaging, Plus, a new personal care brand takes its dedication to sustainability a step further.

“Every year in the U.S., 42.1 billion bottles are used to ship products that contain over 70% water,” the brand states in a release. “With this in mind, Plus is reimagining personal care and providing solutions that are better for you and the planet.”

Created by Starface co-founders Julie Schott and Brian Bordainick alongside entrepreneur Cathryn Woodruff, Plus’s first launch is Plus Body Wash, a zero-waste, no-bottle body cleanser that comes in a dissolvable sachet made from wood pulp from responsibly managed FSC forests.

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Source: Elle by ARIANA YAPTANGCO on April 13, 2021