Standbox Is A Conceptual Sustainable Shoe Box That The Market Needs

Date - 2021/04/15

Elif Bulut is a designer that has ideated a shoebox that is both innovative and environmentally friendly. While this idea might come across as simple, the thought and care poured into every detail are unmatched. Each element provides thought for the environment, manufacturers, and consumers to create the most sustainable and useable box. Not only that, but who would’ve thought that a shoebox could look so luxurious that you’d want to keep it instead of instantly getting rid of it?

Standbox is a shoebox, that can protect, carry, and present shoes. Thanks to its form, it is smaller than its counterparts and has the potential to display shoes on top of each other; It provides energy and space savings to its manufacturer, seller, and user during production, distribution, and storage stages. The manufacturer can distribute more products at once so that the carbon footprint drops; the seller and user do not need …

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Source: The Dieline by Chloe Gordon on 04/09/2021