Crown Royal’s Limited-Edition Pack Designed by Oscar-Winner

Date - 2021/03/31

TO CELEBRATE AND HONOR heroes in the Black Community who have achieved royal status through hard work and a generous spirit, Crown Royal launched its royal-themed limited-edition packaging, inspired by the Coming 2 America sequel to the comedy Coming to America.

The Crown Royal | Coming 2 America limited-edition pack is designed by Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter and features a bottle of Crown Royal Fine De Luxe Blended Canadian Whisky outfitted in an ornate purple and gold stitched bag. “The inspiration behind the Crown Royal x Coming 2 America limited-edition package largely ties to royalty,” says Ruth E. Carter. “The royal legacy of Crown Royal as well as Coming 2 America. The film re-imagines Black excellence and what it means to be royal. I intentionally pulled patterns from the Zamunda Royal Family’s clothing worn in the film as I worked through the design of both the bag and custom packaging.”

Johannah Rogers, director, whiskey and multicultural lead, adds, “The story of Crown Royal is one of royalty—it’s who we are and who we’ve been from the very beginning. It’s this legacy of royalty that we honor and will continue to honor. That’s why we’re celebrating this legacy with Coming 2 America, which was brought to life by Ruth E. Carter in her design of the limited-edition pack.”

The brand also launched a multimedia social media campaign called Royal Cuts. For the multimedia content series, Crown Royal spoke with Coming 2 America star Rotimi. The critically acclaimed musician and actor discussed everything from his definition of royalty, to how he and other Black entertainers and actors have been inspired by the original Coming to America, to Ruth E. Carter’s work on the movie’s costume…

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Source: BXP by Linda Casey on March 2, 2021