New Tequila Aims to Be a Delightful Expression Inside and Out

Date - 2021/03/16

Building upon the success of Mezcal El Silencio, Dahlia Cristalino’s product, packaging are designed to honor beauty and history.

THE DAHLIA FLOWER’S mesmerizing depths captivate—its myriad of colors, shapes, and patterns more seductive than the last. El Silencio Holdings aims to bottle this magic with Tequila Dahlia with a package and product designed to honor the beauty and diversity of the storied bloom, which has been the object of love, lust and war for centuries.

The tequila is bottled in distinctive packaging. The stunning bottle stands tall and is embellished with an illustrious crown of agave spears. The package design is purposely reminiscent of a vintage perfume decanter and is meant to offer shoppers an invitation to the delicate bouquet that blossoms from within. The brand hopes Tequila Dahlia’s packaging will attract a burgeoning flock of discerning tequila aficionados.

Tequila Dahlia is a 100% blue weber agave reposado tequila with each drop of Dahlia is filtered through activated charcoal for purity and balance. In simpler terms, on.

Hailing from Jalisco’s Tequila Valley, Dahlia’s journey begins with the estate-grown 100% mature Blue Weber Agaves in Jalisco, Mexico. A meticulous production process is used where macerated agaves are cooked and then fermented using a proprietary yeast before being distilled. The distilled liquid is then aged in White American Oak barrels for six months to help the tequila develop a rich character. The finishing step is purification using advanced activated charcoal…

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Source: BXP by Linda Casey on March 16th, 2021